The current Immigration law of Vietnam allows international travelers worldwide to get Vietnam visa upon arrival. So, what are the advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival and who should get this visa type?

Visa on arrival Vietnam is visa type applied at Vietnam international airports. Applying this visa type, applicants will be issued an electronic visa approval document that allows you to depart for Vietnam by airway from any country and get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airport. In reality, this visa type is chosen by almost all foreign people because of its various advantages.


Unlike the traditional getting visa Vietnam option at Vietnam Embassy, foreign visitors requesting visa on arrival can complete every visa requirement online and get visa stamped upon landing Vietnam airport without going to any Embassy of Vietnam. What you need to do includes a few steps as below:

–       Submitting a visa application online with exact information as shown on your passport

–       Paying visa approval fee by bank transferring or Western Union

–       Receiving visa approval fee via email after 3 business days at maximum

–       Boarding and getting visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airport


Procedure of getting visa on arrival is very quick with 2 main steps: the first one is to apply online for visa approval letter and the second one is to get official visa at Vietnam airport. For the first step, it takes 2 business days at maximum. If travelers want to get this document faster, you also can request urgent service or super urgent service, so that the letter can be issued within one business days or just a few working hours.

For the step of getting visa upon arrival, travelers just need to wait averagely about 30 minutes to one hour.


With visa on arrival, foreign people do not need to visit any Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate to pick up visa before departure. Therefore, there is no incurred cost. In addition, the charged fee of visa on arrival is very reasonable and fixed with the total cost of 1 month single entry visa is just USD 40. This fee can be lower if you apply visa for a group of 3 people upward.

Safe and secure

Applying for visa on arrival, each applicant will be granted a visa approval letter with unique code. When travelers arrive at Vietnam airport and present visa approval letter to Vietnam Immigration officers, staff in charge will check your code and compare with database on Vietnam Immigration Department’s system to issue visa for each traveler. By this way, each people will receive one visa of his/her own.

In general, visa on arrival is very beneficial and it can be seen as the most convenient option to obtain visa Vietnam. However, this visa type has not been applied at Vietnam border or Vietnam sea port, so people who enter Vietnam by land or sea way still should get Vietnam Embassy visa before travelling.

For any further information about Vietnam visa or the advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival, please feel free to contact us.

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