What is Vietnam visa approval letter and how to get it

In addition to applying for a visa, another way for foreigners to legally enter Vietnam is to apply for an entry letter. Therefore, what is a Vietnam visa approval letter?

What is a Vietnam visa approval letter?

A Vietnam visa approval letter is a written permission for entry by the Vietnam Immigration Department to allow foreigners to enter Vietnam once for one of the purposes as trade, tourism, visit relatives. Upon arrival of the official letter of entry, foreigners can easily apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy abroad or at international airports.

The content of the entry document includes information such as: name, age, passport number, which border entry and the length of stay in Vietnam.

Note: Dispatch entry must be stamped with customs to take effect.


People want to enter are required to present a passport and entry visa, except for special cases exempted.

The benefit of visa approval letter?

The biggest advantage of Vietnam visa approval letter is that the procedure is much simpler than applying for a visa. In condition, the success rate is approximately 100%. Besides, applying for an entry letter through an international travel business also helps you to save time and money.


The biggest advantage of Vietnam visa approval letter is the simple procedure.

What is the procedure for applying for visa approval letter?

To apply for a visa to Vietnam, you can contact Visatovietnam for assistance in obtaining the visa approval letter from the Immigration Department allowing you to enter Vietnam. When you have an official letter (copy) and passport, you can immediately do entry procedures (at Noi Bai International Border Gate, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang).


Especially for countries without a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, the procedure is even more complicated.

Application file for immigration documents for foreigners

The service of applying for Vietnam ‘s immigration visa of Visatovietnam gives you the most convenience, supports you to enter Vietnam quickly. You need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport scan
  • Date of entry
  • Provide the place to receive Visa

For working, additional preparation is required: Certificate of seal sample and business license of guarantee company; letter of introduction of the enterprise or organization; expected work plan in Vietnam.

Is it safe to use approval letter of Visatovietnam?

With long-term experience in the field of immigration, Visatovietnam’s package visa service has a team with the knowledge of law. Besides, Visatovietnam’s working process is very simple and brings the most convenience when you apply for entry documents.

When applying for an entry visa at Visatovietnam, you can also be completely assured. Because we have a full range of international travel business licenses, security deposit and the appointment of the Immigration Department.

By experience of serving thousands of foreigners coming to Vietnam in recent years, we always ensure the reputation in consulting and providing services. If you have any questions about Vietnam visa application at the border, please contact us for advice.

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