A guideline to get Vietnam visa on arrival UK 2020

Visitors from the United Kingdom DO NOT require a visa to enter Vietnam for a stay of no longer than 15 days and meet the entry requirements:

  • UK Passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond arrival date.
  • Passport has 2 blank pages for visa stamp.
  • Stay for NO longer than 15 days with proof of onward travel.

Visa requirements for UK Passport

United States passports are eligible to apply for Tourist (Not requirement)  & Business visa on arrival.

BNO passports are not exempt from the visa requirements above, thus still need to apply for a visa to visit Vietnam.

How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival for UK citizens

UK British passport holders who wish to stay for longer than 15 days can choose one of the available methods below to apply for a visa to Vietnam:

Visa at Vietnamese embassy in United Kingdom

Address: Victoria Road 12-14, London W8-5rd, United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 20 7937 1912
Fax: (+44) 20 7565 3853
Email: vanphong@vietnamembassy.org.uk
Website: www.vietnamembassy.org.uk/

If you are currently living outside of the United Kingdom, you can you also contact the local embassy in the country where are residing.

Visa on arrival

The easiest way for UK visitors to obtain a Vietnamese visa is to apply for a visa on arrival online at Visatovietnam.com. We have a legal right to supply Vietnam entry visa for all visitors regarding business or tourist purposes legally. Just a few simple steps on our website, you can get the visa on arrival in Vietnam for UK citizens within a few days. 

Visa on arrival fees for UK citizens

Type of visa Normal Urgent Super Urgent
Single 1 month Tourist visa $15 $35 $55
Business visa $50 $70 $90
Single 3 month
Tourist visa $35 $55 $75
Business visa $85 $105 $125
Multiple 1 month
Tourist visa $20 $40 $60
Business visa $60 $80 $100
Multiple 3 month
Tourist visa $40 $60 $80
Business visa $95 $115 $135

* Normal:  4 working days
* Urgent: 2 working days
* Super Urgent – 1 working days
* The price table above is for visa on arrival service at TSN Airport and quoted in US dollars. If you want to apply through the Embassy of Vietnam in United Kingdom please contact the Embassy directly for visa price.

If you need more information or our support, please don’t hesitate to contact as below information or reference our frequently questions.

28/3 Bùi Viện, Phạm Ngũ Lão, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hotline: +84 941 293 889 | Facetime: +84 942 025 529
Email: Visasupport@hellovietravel.com
Skype: Hellovietnam179

Yes, it is possible. See how visa on arrival works.
Question: I am about to apply for a visa online as I arrive in Hochiminh on Saturday. I visit Vietnam often, so would like to apply for a 1 year visa, but some forums suggest that this is only available for US citizens. Is a 1 year available to a British citizen? (Chris)

Answer: We are afraid that 1 year visa is currently available for US passports only, we will keep you updated when it becomes available for UK passport holders.
Question: Hi. I have a question about visas in Vietnam. I’m currently in Vietnam on a 15 day exemption stay. If I leave Vietnam before the stay is up, and apply for a tourist visa and re-enter after a few days will they accept this?

A: Sure, that is totally fine. As long as you exit Vietnam, you can apply for a new visa to re-enter the country.