The easiest way to get Vietnam visa on arrival as a US citizen

Instead of visiting the Vietnamese Embassy in a neighboring country, US citizens can apply online for a Vietnam visa on arrival in Vietnam. Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival US citizen is one of the types of Vietnam visas that US citizens can apply for entry from the Vietnam Immigration Department.

With this visa, you will be granted a visa at the airport without needing to go to the Vietnamese authorities to complete cumbersome paperwork and tedious procedural requirements. will detail out for you the most different Vietnam visa applications that US citizens can use.

Apply at a Vietnamese embassy in the US or a third country with a diplomatic mission, or embassy for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

This is the most common way to apply for a visa offline if you do not have access or the ability to apply online. However, it’s good if you need to speak to someone directly!


You will be given a visa right on your passport.


The procedure is complicated, the highest cost is the labor, long-term work, multiple entry. If you have urgent requests for the day, it will be difficult to meet.

Apply for e-visa (evisa)

This is the new online visa policy that has been approved by the Vietnamese government in 40 countries since February 1, 2017, including the US.


You can apply right here on this website to enter information and then just wait for approval, the fee is USD 25 dollars.


If you have a special case, and no options are on the website for you to input your special conditions. Then you may find the online method difficult. We’d recommend sending us a message or going to an embassy.

Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival US citizen and affix a visa stamp at the airport

This is the policy for international travel companies and reputable organizations in Vietnam to guarantee their customers and partners to Vietnam.


It’s fast and can meet urgent needs within 1 hour. The implementation is really simple and has many options of time, purpose, and number of entries.


You have to take one more step, which is a visa stamp at the Vietnam airport. If you want to enter Vietnam by road, you will not apply this way. This method is only for entering by air.


So the easiest way to get Vietnam visa on arrival as a US citizen is applying for a visa approval letter.

You can apply for a Vietnam visa online through our system. You will need to know the type of service for your trip. Visa approval letter is only legally valid at the specific Vietnam International Airport that you choose. So it’s important to have already planned your travel details! Upon arrival at the airport and completing customs procedures. You must produce this entry document for airport customs officers to affix a visa stamp to your passport.


It is valid as a regular visa and is approved throughout Vietnam.

Currently, has become the most popular choice for not only US citizens but also for foreigners from different countries wishing to enter Vietnam because of the ease of the process & personal attention. This way of registration is also very time-saving, convenient and economical.


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