Visa exemption certificate (5-year visa exemption) and temporary residence card for foreigners are two terms of documents used by foreigners when staying in Vietnam. However, it is difficult to distinguish clearly them because both types of documents are often referred to when foreigners wish to reside in Vietnam.

What are visa exemption and temporary residence card?

Firstly, five – year visa exemption for foreigners to Vietnam is applicable to people who are the husbands, the wives, the children of people with Vietnamese nationality and passports, ID cards in Vietnam.

On the other hand, a temporary residence card can be considered as a long-term visa issued by a competent immigration authority to foreigners who are permitted to reside in Vietnam for a period of one to three years. It is also worth replacing the visa. Persons carrying temporary residence card shall be exempt from visas when leaving or entering Vietnam for the duration of their temporary residence card.

What are benefits of visa exemption and temporary resident card?

When people hold a 5 year visa exemption, they will have numerous benefits:

  • Traveling to Vietnam without visa requirement in 5 years: Once you are granted such visa exemption, it is not necessary for you to apply Vietnamese visa again. For each entry, you are permitted to continuously stay for 180 day.
  • Saving cost of visa: It takes you a huge amount of money to apply for your short-term visas within the period of 5 year. However, if you pay once time for 5-year visa exemption, it will be cheaper than other option for those are qualified to get it.

Note: With 5-year visa exemption, you are permitted to stay up to 180 days for each entry. After this limited duration of stay, you are required to leave Vietnam in order to theoretically stay another 180 days here in Vietnam. If you wish to not exit the country, you are able to extend your visa exemption for 6 months in maximum.

Also, temporary resident card brings some advantages such as:

  • Foreigners who are granted a temporary residence card can buy an apartment and will be able to buy a house in the near future;
  • Foreigners can stay permanently in Vietnam while their temporary residence cards are still valid without leaving Vietnam;
  • Foreigners who are holding a residence card can easily to apply for visa to visit another country when they are in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners can save on costs because they do not have to carry out multiple visa extensions and save on travel expenses;
  • It is very convenient for foreigners to conduct business, marriage… procedures in Vietnam.

Validity of visa exemption and temporary residence card

A five-year visa exemption is a five-year period, multiple entry visa. However, each stay must not exceed 180 days.

Otherwise, maximum validity of temporary residence card is three-year period. Foreigners with temporary residence cards can entry and exit many times according to their work requirements. It also help save time and costs for temporary card holders. Each entry is not limited to the number of days of stay and the holders can stay until the expiration of the temporary residence card.

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