Student visa (type: DH) is non-immigrant visa with purpose of study. DH visa is for international or abroad students have been enrolled at school in Vietnam and will come to Vietnam to study.

Student visa requirements

If you want to Travel to Vietnam as a Student, you must have applied to some of the schools and must have received an admission. After a legal admission from the school of your choice in Vietnam, you should get the following documents.

  • A copy of your international passport.  It must not expire within 6 months and must have at least one blank visa page
  • Letter of acceptance: A copy of your letter of acceptance from the school you will be attending in Vietnam.
  • Covering letter: This letter must be given by the guardian or sponsor
  • A copy of Business license of your sponsor

How to apply

There are two options for you to get a student visa to Vietnam, that may include:

  • Visa on arrival
  • E-visa (Not available for student visa)
  • Visa at Vietnamese embassy abroad

Visa fees

The student visa fee depends on the method you choose to get your visa, you can see the example below:

Processing times

  • Visa on arrival: 4-5 working days to receive the approval letter (For emergency requests, it can be processed in 1-2 working days)
  • Visa at the embassy: This may vary, please contact the Embassy for the processing time.

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