How to extend visa in Vietnam and type of visa extensions

In Vietnam, the visa extension is now very easy. You just need a phone call appointment, deliver the visa to a service company. It only takes a few days and you have extended the visa. However, you must be in trouble, this article will help you learn how to extend visa in Vietnam.

There are 3 types of visa extensions: tourist visas, short-term business visas and working visas.

Type of visa extensions

  • Visa extension 1 time 1 month for foreigners in Vietnam
  • Visa extension every 3 months for foreigners in Vietnam
  • Extend visa 3 months many times for foreigners in Vietnam
  • Visa extension every 6 months for foreigners in Vietnam
  • Extend visa 6 months many times for foreigners in Vietnam
  • 1 year visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam

Type of visa extensions

Have you ever considered how the single extension and multi extension are different yet?

Single extension

Single extension means your visa is valid in Vietnam when you renew. However once you leave Vietnam your visa will expire. In case you want to return to Vietnam, you will need to get a new Visa from the beginning. It means you have to pay an extra fee to get a Visa, even though the time you extend is still valid. For example, on 05/05/2014 you have extended your visa 3 January (single extension). 2 months later, on July 5, 2014, you will come to Cambodia to work. Then your visa for extension in Vietnam will expire. If on July 9, 2014 you want to return to Vietnam, you must renew your new visa and pay a fee.

How to extend visa in vietnam

However, during the 3-month extension period you only stay and work in Vietnam.  You should use this type of Visa Extension because the fee will be cheaper.


Multi-extension is very simple. When you use this extension, you will be able to exit or enter Vietnam as you wish during the extension. For example: When you extend I 3-month visa many times in Vietnam on 05/05/2014, then 2 months you have to work in Cambodia. When returning on 09/07/2014 you will not have to do any other procedures. Only upon arrival On August 5, 2014 your visa expires before you can continue to extend it.

Extension of re-entry

Extension of re-entry visa when your visa duration in Vietnam is more than 6 months or 1 year, there is 2 solutions:

  1. You may temporarily exit through a country near Vietnam such as Laos or Cambodia (by land or air). Except for some cases required to exit by air will be determined by the Department of Immigration. You could carry out the process as the first step, making an entry visa for a new visa to Vietnam.
  2. If you have a lot of work and can’t go outside Vietnam, you can still get a visa extension. However, with this method, the fee will be higher.

Next, if you want to continue to work in Vietnam for a long time, you will need to have a resident card.

How to extend visa in vietnam-2

In case guests enter Vietnam without temporary residence, we can support to: Confirm temporary residence.

There is also a case of a 5-year visa exemption. You can find out more details to see if you are in this case, then apply for approval.

Extension of CHINA, INDIA, AFRICA countries …..

The policy of Vietnam does not encourage the residence of citizens of these countries due to security, diplomatic and other issues. Therefore in these cases, applying for a visa extension will be a bit more difficult. To know if the visa can be extended or not, visas of nationalities of these countries must be reviewed and approved at the Department of Immigration. Of course, fees for these countries’ visas are also higher than those of other nationalities

If you still have questions about the procedure and how to extend visa in Vietnam. Please contact us for a free consultation via Hotline: +84 941 293 889 or Email: for more accurate advice.

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